Discover Elly Olive Oil

What is Elly Olive Oil?

Elly Olive Oil is a blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and pure Balsamic Vinegar, blended together in perfect proportions and packaged in a recyclable and reusable glass Marasca bottle. Whether it is our individual serving size of 20ML or our newly introduced large size of 250ML, both are to be used primarily as a Vinaigrette Dressing to enhance a Salad, Pasta, or Veggies, a condiment to embellish the taste of any Appetizer or Entree, a marinade for Meat, Poultry, Fish and delicious for Bread Dipping! Our new Flavoured Vinaigrettes feature Local Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Where do I use Elly Olive Oil?

When presentation, quality, convenience and ingredients are the most important items on your menu, Elly Olive Oil Vinaigrette is the ideal complement for all occasions. Great for dining at home, entertaining guests for a dinner party or a barbecue and excellent for a picnic. Elly Olive Oil is ideal to place in a carry-on when you travel or pack in a lunch, makes the perfect gift or even as a wedding favor!

Why should I use Elly Olive Oil?

Elly Olive Oil is perfectly pre-measured and designed for your convenience whether your dining needs are on the go, at home or for entertaining. The single serving size is easily transportable and great for one individual’s use.  The large size comes with its own Built in Pourer and great if you love our product. While indulging in our Vinaigrettes remember there is no mess, no fuss and no waste which translates to significant savings in clean up, preparation time and food costs while being environmentally friendly.